GDF SUEZ Mediation comes as a complementary resort to the complaints handling processes implemented by the different Group’s customer services, and thus offers claimants a last resort for out-of-court settlement within the GDF SUEZ Group, in situations where claimants are dissatisfied with the response given to their complaints.

Michel Astruc was appointed Mediator by the Group’s Chairman & CEO in November 2005. His professional career explains his strong experience in the businesses of energy and relations with stakeholders. He is completely independent. Every year, he produces a report describing his activities, a summary of requests received, an analysis of the cases handled and details of recommendations made to operational services.

 How to seek the assistance of the Mediator

The Mediator can only be contacted when the GDF SUEZ customer services have already been requested and the solution put forward was unsatisfactory.

The Mediator can be contacted in writing:

  • by ordinary letter, addressed to:
    Médiateur GDF SUEZ – TSA 34321 – 92099 LA DEFENSE Cedex – FRANCE
  • by completing the online form.

How will your request be processed?

All requests are examined and followed up. Depending on your initial complaint,

  • either it is sent to the concerned services for processing and monitored until resolution, when prior procedures have not been followed through.
  • or, as a last attempt to settle at an out-of-court settlement within GDF SUEZ, it is handled by the GDF SUEZ Mediator, who will contact you to get all the details and work out a fair and legal solution with you and the service concerned.



April 15, 2014

Michel Astruc visits the Mediation Club of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco

On March 24, GDF SUEZ Mediator Michel Astruc was the guest of honor at the Mediation Club of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco (CFCIM).

CFCIM Chairman Jean Marie Gros-Bois and Mediation Committee Chairman Franck Dautria gave a presentation introducing the Mediation Club and hosted the event.

Lydec Mediator Saadia Zoheir explained the features and goals of the Lydec Mediation process, which include working closely with customers, boosting operational efficiency and improving processes.

GDF SUEZ Mediator Michel Astruc reminded his audience that in addition to customer satisfaction, the key goal of mediation is to contribute to improving customer processes, share conflict management good practices, and promote a culture of amicable resolution in companies.


The 2013 report from GDF SUEZ Mediator Michel Astruc has recently been published

The GDF SUEZ Mediator is pleased to announce the publication of his annual report for 2013. This document reminds the context of GDF SUEZ Mediation and summarizes its actions, analyses, and recommendations.

A key development in 2013 was the adoption of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) directive and of the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) regulation, which ensures to every consumer access to an officially-approved body providing amicable dispute resolution, on any issue, throughout the European Union territory.

 Encouraged by a 92% case-resolution success rate, GDF SUEZ Mediation promoted, again this year, amicable dispute resolution as a credible alternative to legal action in many cases, and this across all Group’s departments. Michel Astruc works to spread mediation in many other areas as well.

 There were several interventions made in law universities and business schools. These events reflect the growing interest in mediation in many professions and are an effective vector for educating future graduates about amicable dispute resolution and the challenges of a quality mediation.

In a difficult and sustainable economic context, GDF SUEZ Mediation takes part in discussions and initiatives on the topic of vulnerable consumers, and contributes to the efforts made by The Observatory of Fuel and Water Poverty of GDF SUEZ.

 The Mediator recommends better understanding of the fundamentals of complaints handling and to simplify the customer experience to better meet consumer’s expectations, using available best practices established by various mediators.

 The year 2013 was also the opportunity to promote mediation at the “Mediation : la confiance d’abord” symposium at the Economic, Social & Environmental Council, organised by The Club of the Mediators of Services to the Public. Jean Paul Delevoye called upon mediators to take dialogue further and participate actively in necessary developments regarding institutions’ and companies’ way of operate.

 Furthermore, the GDF SUEZ Mediator is in charge of representing the EEOG (European Energy Ombudsmen Group) in Brussels. This year, this European association of mediators from companies in the energy sector continues its work on the “Zero Unsatisfied Customers” project, ensuring the complete satisfaction on the part of all customers having requested mediation.

 You can now download the GDF SUEZ Mediator’s Report in English. The French version is also available.

 A document summarizing the 2013 annual report is also available on this page.


Download the Mediator’s Report 2013 :

English version (Pdf – 9,9 Mo)
French version (Pdf – 9,9 Mo)


December 17,  2013 

6th Citizens’ Energy Forum (CEF)

The Citizen’s Energy Forum (CEF) is the annual meeting of the European players in the field of consumer protection in the energy sector. Every year, this Forum is the opportunity to make a progress report of the ongoing work at European level, as well as a follow-up on recommendations made in previous sessions. The Forum is based on the joint work of Consumer Associations , professionals, regulators, representatives of the European Commission and Ombudsmen. This year, on 16th and 17th December , the” vulnerable consumers ” report, in which GDF SUEZ Mediator took place, has been presented, as well as the terms of the 2013 Directive of the  efficiency Energy. This topic will be expanded in 2014. Were also discussed, topics related to price comparison , the functioning of the internal market, the changing role of consumers , the promotion of the “Vision 2020″ , the e-billing, the Collective switching  and the role of distributors in added value for consumers.



The interventions of GDF SUEZ Mediator during the conference: “Mediation: Texts to practice”

On October 10th, several members of the Club des Médiateurs de Services au Public participated in the conference “Mediation: from the texts to the practice”, chaired the morning by Michèle Guillaume-Hofnung, teacher at the University Paris Sud and the afternoon by Mathieu TOUZEIL-DIVINA, teacher at the University of Maine.

Interventions were carried out, first of all, on the theme of the civil, judicial and family mediation, then, in second part, on the specific mediations, under which intervened, Michel Astruc, GDF SUEZ Mediator.
Michel Astruc spoke on the topic of mediation with users-customers by giving the example of GDF SUEZ Mediation. He particularly stressed the importance of the mediation process that helps to improve relations between the company and its environment.
He also back on the first mission of mediation, namely the handling of disputes amicably as a last resort, a mission that produce recommendations for the company. According to Michel Astruc, listening, explanations given to people requesting mediation, and the method of preparation of the solution are three elements that characterize the mediation of GDF SUEZ which guarantee customer satisfaction.
Michel Astruc also described his actions for the promotion of mediation, mentioning the political and regulatory framework of the mediation and the issues of the European Directive of 21st May 2013.
Other figures of the Club des Médiateurs de Services au Public also intervened, Marielle Cohen-Branche, Mediator of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) about the stock market and financial mediation, and Bernard Dreyfus, Managing Director of the Défenseur des Droits, about Mediation in public law.

 This conference allowed to confirm the current tendency which is the development of the mediation practices.

You can find the program of the conference by clicking on the following link:
Programme du colloque au Mans
as well as the interventions of Michel Astruc and Bernard Dreyfus by clicking the following links:
Intervention de Michel Astruc
Intervention de B. Dreyfus


9/12-13 /2013

The intervention of GDF SUEZ Mediator in the Days of the francophone Mediation in Bucharest

On September 12th and 13th, Michel Astruc, the Mediator of GDF SUEZ, participated in the Days of the francophone Mediation in Bucharest, whose objective was to share the practices of mediation in the French-speaking area, on the initiative of the Institute of the Mediation in french-speaking countries (IMEF) and the ACRFPC (Rumanian body for training).

The Mediator led the round table dedicated to companies involment in the amicable settlement of disputes, in the service of the RSE (corporate social responsibility of companies). Representatives of Apanova (water distribution in Bucharest), of the national Bank of Romania, Orange, the BNP and GDF Suez in Romania were present.

In this opportunity, TV Romania realized an interview of the Mediator. He spoke about  the main values which characterize the mediation, such as the listening, respect, neutrality, impartiality, the confidentiality and independence. He also stressed the importance of  encouraging the development of the amicable settlement of the disputes.


August 2013

The mediation of GDF SUEZ presented by Michel Astruc to the readers of Gaz d’aujourd’hui

The Mediator of GDF Suez published an article in the review “Gaz d’Aujourd’hui”, of July-August, 2013. Michel Astruc details his role and his implication in the development of the mediation in Europe and in France, evoking the current projects.
He gives details onto the requests of the consumers and on their evolution over the years.
As Mediator of GDF Suez, he mentions his recommendations for 2013, and emphazises on his collaboration, which he considers essential, with consumers’ associations, in the search for amicable settlement of the disputes.


 February 2013

 GDF SUEZ Mediation : Statement of Gerard Mestrallet in the introduction of the meeting with consumer associations

GDF SUEZ Mediation organized on February 19th , a meeting with consumer associations. Gérard Mestrallet , Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GDF SUEZ has introduced the meeting with a presentation of the issues .

For many years, GDF SUEZ has established regular contacts with consumer associations. The device Mediation GDF SUEZ , created in 1999, is a direct result with these meetings . As member and Vice-President of the Club des Médiateurs de Services au Public, GDF SUEZ Mediator, Michel ASTRUC , attended, among others, at the Charter of partnership with Consumer Associations.
In the introduction of this meeting, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GDF SUEZ , Gérard Mestrallet, expressed appreciation to all the associations, for the work done together: “We cultivated with you strong relationships . We want to strengthen them, you are real partners. Building over time a strong and transparent dialogue is essential. This is the purpose of our meetings and I am personally committed to these issues.”

After the intervention of the Chief Executive Officer of GDF SUEZ , the morning session was followed by four interventions followed by discussions and sharing times.

• The project of smart meters by the distributor GrDF Gaz Réseau Distribution France
• The DOLCEVITA FideloConso offer by GDF SUEZ Energie France – Clients H@bitat & Professionnels
• The Treatment of unpaid bills and the invoice dispute of GDF SUEZ Energie France – Clients H@bitat & Professionnels
• A presentation of Cofely Services

To conclude this Meeting exchanges, Michel ASTRUC officially announced the release of its report for 2012 and also shared news of GDF SUEZ Mediation (the Club des Médiateurs de Services au Public, the European Energy Ombudsman Group, etc.).


Mars 2012 

GDF SUEZ Mediation listed by the CMC (Commission de la Médiation de la Consommation)

The CMC, created by the law of July 1st 2010, started to list mediation systems, in accordance with the mission it has been given by public authorities. The purpose of this listing is to encourage the improvement of mediation in promoting quality procedures and to inform consumer about the guaranties of those procedures, in accordance with its charter.


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